Australian Slate & Stone: One Of The Leading Bluestone & Limestone Suppliers in Melbourne

We at Australian Slate & Stone Co. deal with a vast range of Marble stones, limestone, bluestone in Melbourne, Pakenham and Victoria.

Limestone in Melbourne is the rock formed due to sedimentation of various types of crystal forms of CaCo3 (Calcium Carbonate). These crystal forms mainly include aragonite and mineral calcite. These are fine densely grained and can be used in the kitchen for various purposes, but the user should be knowledgeable about the limitations and the properties of these stones. Limestone is used in construction industries, as a building material, it is used in painting walls and as fillers in toothpaste and other products in Melbourne. Being soft this is used in flooring. So if you are looking for limestone in Melbourne, you now know whom to approach.

Bluestone is the perfect fit for any re-modelling, decorating and landscaping applications. It can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

If you are looking for bluestone in Melbourne, then we at Australian Slate & Stone Co. will provide you with a stones of both the kinds, that is; basalt and olivine basalt. You can make use of the blue stones in the form of slates, to give your home/office building some depth. Using these will add a rustic yet elegant look to your property, which is sure to be acknowledged by one and all.

Our good quality bluestone in Melbourne can make your dream house, swimming pool, yard, and landscape design tasks, look stunning with resourceful customized rooms, waterfalls, entrances, sidewalks, patios, swimming pool and outdoor areas.

Regardless of whether you happen to be a specialist builder, landscaper or contractor, be assured that, you will find each of our pure bluestone made materials beautiful. So, opt from our vast range of bluestone in Melbourne to decorate your home. Design your living space in such a sophisticated yet creative way that the visitors are awed by the look and feel of your ambient home.

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