At Australain slate and stone we provide a full Installation service which includes: straight/curved cuts, Bullnosing, beveling and holes.

Slate and stone tiles are now finding widespread use commercially, domestically and industrially. They are a beautiful feature and need special treatment to ensure their condition is maintained. It is important to seal these tiles in order to:

  • Highlight the texture and natural colour of these materials.
  • Protect the surface against wear and staining by food, soils and greases.
  • Facilitate cleaning of the tiles by providing an impervious layer for dirt.


Clear, fast drying, non-yellowing sealers which enhance the natural beauty inherent in new and old slate. Suitable for commercial or domestic areas. SLATE SEAL is available as both a Gloss or Satin finish, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Is a water based sealer for Slate, Sone & Quarry tiles. It inhibits water and oil based strains from penetrating into the tiles. It will essentially retain the natural appearance of the surface to be sealed.


A fast drying non-yellowing sealer designed for application to Stone, Terracotta pavers, and Tessellated floor tiles. Heritage Finish does not markedly change the appearance of the tile and will inhibit soiling and staining of the tile.


A high-performance, multi-purpose finish sealer. It is scruff and slip resistant and is formulated for use in dry areas with heavy traffic. Slate Finish is applied over sealed slate surfaces and gives a high gloss finish.


A super strength penetrating sealer which does not markedly change the appearance of the tile. Inhibits soiling and staining of the tile.

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