30 July 2021

Travertine Tiles – Types, Applications & Advice

What is a travertine tile? Travertine is a variety of limestone that is created by mineral deposits within natural springs. Travertine...

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1 March 2021

5 Things You Never Knew About Granite

When we think of granite, man-made products like stone outdoor features and kitchen benchtops come to mind. But, how much do...

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23 January 2021

Make The Sustainable Choice: Choose Natural Stone Materials!

If you’re looking to create an elegant, timeless, and sustainable home, then natural stone materials are the way to go. Versatile,...

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26 November 2018

Travertine Tiles – The perfect paving solution

If you want to reinvent your backyard with a timeless and classic design, then you simply can’t go past Travertine tiles....

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19 September 2018

The Many Benefits Of Using Bluestone

Bluestone is a beautiful, sturdy and long-lasting material which has been used for centuries to build, pave and landscape- widely used...

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2 April 2018

Paving Versus Decking: Which is Right for You?

When homeowners, or even developers, are looking at landscaping an outdoor space, one question usually comes to mind – decking or...

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