4 Reasons You Should Seal Your Stone

A lot of people get their slate and stone installed and then leave it at that. But, did you know that you should also be sealing the stone to ensure it’s kept in tip-top shape?

Regardless of whether you’ve installed slate or stone inside your home or out in the yard, these four points outline why getting your surface professionally sealed is a smart move.

Enhance its Visual Appeal

Sealing your slate and stone highlights the texture and natural colour of the stone. When the stone is professionally sealed, the surface will end up with a richer more professional looking appearance.

Depending on the type of stone and sealer you have, your surface could end up with either a matte or high-gloss finish. 

Helps Prevent the Growth of Weeds

A lot of people don’t realise that unsealed outdoor stone is susceptible to weed and mould growth. While regularly sweeping your outdoor paving will help reduce the prevalence of weeds, the only way to keep them largely at bay is by sealing your stone. When the stone is professionally sealed, a protective layer will be applied that will block any dirt from building up in between your pavers.

Sealing Stone Will Help Protect it Against Wear and Tear

As stone is a porous surface, it is susceptible to wear and tear. However, sealing your stone will help ensure it looks like new for longer.

Stone sealant will protect your slate and stone surfaces against:

  • Stains from food, soils and greases
  • UV rays (both in light-filled areas within the home and pavers used in outdoor settings)
  • Water, both spills or wet areas in the home, as well as heavy rain when used in an outdoor setting
  • General wear and tear from foot traffic and things being dropped/spilled

Sealed Slate and Stone is Easier to Clean

Slate and stone sealant provides an impervious layer for dirt, which essentially means dirt; water and any spills won’t be able to penetrate the sealed surface. This makes cleaning your surfaces a lot easier, as you can simply give it a quick clean and wipe down.

However, before you use any cleaning products on your slate and stone, talk to Australian Slate & Stone about which ones are suitable for your particular surface.

Different Types of Slate and Stone Sealant

Stone sealant provides an array of benefits, but how do you know which type is right for you?

At Australian Slate & Stone, we offer the following types:

Slate Seal

Clear, fast drying and non-yellowing, slate sealers enhance the natural beauty that’s inherent in both new and old slate. Suitable for commercial or domestic areas, our slate seal is available in both a gloss and satin finish and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

All Stone Sealer

An all stone sealer water-based and designed for use with slate, stone and quarry tiles. It inhibits water and oil based stains from penetrating into the tiles, while also retaining the stone natural appearance.

Heritage Finish

Our heritage finish is a fast drying, non-yellowing sealer that’s suitable for application on stone and terracotta pavers, as well as tessellated floor tile surfaces. It won’t markedly change the appearance of the tile but it will inhibit soiling and staining of the tile.

Slate Finish

A high-performance, multi-purpose finish sealer, our slate finish is scruff and slip resistant and is formulated for use in dry areas with heavy traffic. This finish is applied over sealed slate surfaces and creates a glossier appearance.


This is a super strength, penetrating sealer that doesn’t markedly change the appearance of the tile. It also inhibits soiling and staining of the tile.

To learn more about the practical and aesthetic benefits of sealing your slate and stone, or to enquire about our sealing services, contact the team at Australian Slate & Stone today!