4 Ways to Use Exposed Brick as a Design Feature

Introducing some texture into your home without being too overwhelming can be as easy as applying stone to a feature wall, fireplace or water feature – the possibilities are endless! Since it can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces, a stacked stone feature is a trendy way to uplift any area that’s lacking a bit of personality.


rusty antique stack stone

Using a brick wall as a room divider can really elevate your space. The feature becomes part of two rooms and will look best in common spaces or social areas. This feature can increase visual appeal, as it becomes part of your decor and can improve a room’s functionality.

By far one of the most popular ways to integrate stone indoors is to use it as a feature when designing a fireplace. It’s an easy way to create a cosy and warm atmosphere, which is something that lots of people aim to achieve in this space. They usually work as accent features and add a rustic yet contemporary touch when placed next to white walls.


A classic focal point for the garden is a water feature. People love these as they can help create a serene and tranquil ambience. With a gorgeous eye-catching stacked stone water feature, you can integrate some of your interior style outdoors. Regardless of what sort of stone you go for, the end result will give your garden a sophisticated look and feel.

The great part about using natural stone in outdoor areas is that it will gradually take on a sturdy yet earthy appearance, making your garden feel like an intimate and inviting zone. A retaining wall is an amazing way to make your garden beds stand out. There are a variety of colours and textures of stone to choose from, any of which will really make your plants pop!

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